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In addition to our Design Thinking open courses, we have a great track record delivering bespoke Design Thinking training, both online and in-person for groups of 15 to 150. We can work directly with companies and organisations, providing tailor-made, in-house courses, to drive innovation from within.


We have worked with a wide range of leading international companies, from introducing them to the basic tools and techniques of Design Thinking, to training teams in advanced facilitation, leaving teams completely self-supporting as Design Thinkers. We have also co- developed our own innovation coaching and leadership model, with our consultancy DK&A , leading practitioners and academics in the fields of design, leadership and psychology. It has been used by companies including HS2 and Richemont to develop innovation leaders and support them while they are building an innovation culture in their own organisations.

Some of the organisations that we have trained:
Companies graduated Companies graduated

Look at the table below to see the current bespoke training options that we offer. All of them can be adapted to meet your needs.


Learning by trying: High degree of new information. Putting new concepts into practice with real-world scenarios.

Design Thinking Immersion

A hands-on, interactive half-day introduction to Design Thinking. We explore how its collaborative user-centred approach leads to innovation and better business.

Customer Closeness

This interactive one-day course is the perfect way to get closer to your customer. Working on a real-world challenge, involving participant interviews, you will experience a variety of Design Thinking methods to help you deeply understand your customers true needs.

Online Design Thinking Training

A fast-paced 2-week bite-sized online learning programme for people who are new to Design Thinking and want to learn the core Design Thinking methods. This course is popular as a bespoke for entire teams, upskilling everyone at the same time, and closing with a reflection around implementation in their work context.

Design Thinking Facilitation & Champions Development

This 4-week online course is for those who already know the key Design Thinking methods, and now want to design, run and facilitate their own online design thinking workshops. It is a natural next step after the course Online Design Thinking Training.


Learning by demonstration: Shifting from active learner to activer doer. Taking charge of the tools and situations.

Ethnographic Research

Learn how to conduct ethnography and do behavioural research with end-users. This methodology is essential to Design Thinking

This course can be tailored for the online world.

Live Design Sprint coaching

This format focuses on developing the team’s confidence and autonomy in applying Design Thinking in their context, by working on a real-world challenge that’s relevant for your business. Participants apply key Design Thinking methods to solve a practical challenge, under the guidance of our expert coaches.

As an output from this format, companies create an internal case study demonstrating the value of Design Thinking for them.


This course is focused on how to filter ideas and get to validated concepts worth investing in. It covers how to synthesise and prioritise ideas for further development, and how to de-risk ideas through development of prototypes and iterative testing.

It helps teams to move from guessing into knowing which the best concepts are to move to the market.


Learning in the field: Incorporating your new methodology into your professional practice. Activities become automatic with your own version and style of delivery.

Training Trainers

Devise your own in-house curriculum and train up a team of internal Design Thinking champions, so they are then able to deliver Design Thinking training in-house. It is a natural next step after the course Online Design Thinking Facilitation.

This course is commonly part of a package including Online Design Thinking training and Design Thinking Facilitation, upskilling entire teams from novice to expert.

Innovation Systems

Establish and spread your own Design Thinking culture with your own bespoke methods bank and playbook with best practices per key project typologies. Design Thinking methods and language are tailored by our experts to help integrate Design Thinking within your own existing frameworks, context, and project most common typologies. This module includes bespoke toolkit development.

Innovation Leadership

This high-level module uses our online diagnostic, D360, to evaluate individual’s innovation leadership profile & areas for team development through our Gamechanger framework

When building a programme for your organisation, we can combine multiple modules to provide a complete, holistic Design Thinking journey. Please get in touch to talk through the options that interest you. Bespoke training suits organisations that want to train at least 15 colleagues. For smaller groups it is usually better value to attend our open courses, for which group discounts available

Our bespoke programmes are made to deliver the best outcome for each individual company. Please look at some of our previous bespoke training courses, featured below, to gain more insight.

If you want to find out more, then please get in touch by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Case Studies
MoJ Design Thinking
I hope people will pay more attention, we’re going to make them listen. We’ve shown them it can be done and we can do it again.

Design Sprint

Combating Sexual Exploitation through a Design Sprint

The Challenge

We brought together the Ministry of Justice Digital, the Royal College of Art, What Design Can Do, STBY, and more to collaborate together around this brief: What can designers do to help combat the sexual exploitation of children?

The Approach

Over the course of a full research project and a 3-day Design Sprint the teams worked together, producing ideas to be used to springboard further innovation.

The Impact

Find out more here

Arriva Design Thinking

Not anything that I’ve experienced before. Makes you think in ways you wouldn’t in an office environment and is fun and interactive.

Design Sprint

Generating customer-focused ideas with Arriva Rail London

The Challenge

Arriva Rail London wanted to build momentum for their internal innovation programme, Launchpad. They wanted to quickly generate fresh ideas, increase engagement among their colleagues and develop customer-centred innovation skills in their organisation.

The Approach

We delivered rapid research and then devised a two-day Design Sprint with two goals: to teach Design Thinking skills and simultaneously come up with some real solutions, inviting colleagues from the frontline, as well as back office to collaborate, alongside real customers to share their personal needs. and challenges when travelling on the network.

The Impact

Under our training, teams generated 5 new concepts, from training solutions to tech-led innovations that can now be taken forward. 25 people were trained in Design Thinking.

Arriva Design Thinking
Richemont Design Thinking

Design Thinking has put the client at the heart of radical new ideas and helped us co-create enhanced customer service with many disciplines across 
the group.

Design Thinking Training + Innovation Leadership

Transforming the luxury sector through a design approach

The Challenge

Richemont and its Maisons wanted to discover new ways of working to deliver disruptive innovation to the luxury sector. They reached out to the Design Thinkers Academy London and began a 3-year working partnership.

The Approach

We led a variety of different trainings with delegates from Richemont and their maisons, out in Geneva. This included training them in the core skills of Design Thinking, but also in Innovation Leadership, using our D360 and Gamechanger models.

The Impact

Combining culture and skills development with practical service design projects, the Design Thinkers Academy London has helped Richemont upskill employees and bring transformative new services to the market.


Being the first fully online Innovation Week, my expectations were exceeded by miles. I met so many new people and so many experts inspired me every day. It was unbelievable how much I have learnt…

Online Design Sprint

Virtually coaching 150 Data Scientists in Design Thinking

The Challenge

Every year The Data Lab, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for data and AI, runs an Innovation Week for over 150 data scientists from 11 Scottish universities. We were asked to run this years event, focussed around an environmental challenge.

The Approach

Due to the circumstances around Covid-19, we had to rapidly innovate and bring our planned live workshop to an online format, training the students in Design Thinking over the course of a one-week Design Sprint. This was the largest online hackathon of its type to ever happen over the popular collaboration platform Mural.

The Impact

150 data students were effectively trained in the fundamentals of Design Thinking, with over 15 innovative solutions created in response to an important environmental issue.

Watch the video

DataLab Design Thinking
Exus Design Thinking

The Design Thinkers Academy have given us a powerful tool to redesign services around our customers’ needs. Its application in our new Digital Transformation Unit is set to give us a significant competitive advantage in the global market.

Design Thinking Training + Design Sprint

Empowering Exus to stay ahead of the curve

The Challenge

Leading provider of debt collection software, Exus, asked us to help them stimulate the development of new products and services. They knew that Design Thinking would help them to retain their competitive advantage.

The Approach

The first step was to upskill a range of senior staff with advanced Design Thinking methodologies. We then helped them gather insights from clients – and ran a three-day Design Sprint at the company to generate new software concepts around client needs.

The Impact

Our work was the catalyst for the establishment of a Digital Transformation Unit to promote continued innovation, empowering their senior team.