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Systems Thinking | Advanced Practitioner Course

This course supports exploration, understanding and action in complex systems.  We’ll bring together System Dynamics, Soft Systems Methodology and Systems Practice to provide ways of engaging with different types of systems for meaningful change. From the scale of individuals and teams to wider society and the environment, we’ll consider the interconnected nature of the challenges we face. You’ll work in teams on a messy problem and through guided exercises gain clarity on the underlying structure before identifying how and where to act to improve the situation. Practical exercises are matched with essential theory, with space for discussion and reflection to ensure that everyone is able to connect the subject to their own, unique practical context.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking is becoming an essential capability for anyone working in product and service design, as well as for those wanting to realise meaningful change in organisations or wider society. A better understanding of the connections and forces at the heart of complex systems can help to make projects, programmes, and innovations better targeted, more effective, and more sensitive to the possible consequences of new developments.

While the language and methods of Systems Thinking might seem new, we are instinctively aware of the complex systems around us and how they sometimes behave in unexpected ways. Examples such as reducing speed limits to make traffic move faster or the many unintended consequences of environmental initiatives demonstrate how simple interventions can have counter-intuitive outcomes. And these unexpected effects can happen on any scale, from the organisations we’re part of to the whole planet. Systems Thinking helps explore and anticipate potential outcomes, helping reduce uncertainty and risk around initiatives and innovations.

3 live sessions - 2.5 hours each
09:00 - 11:30 BST
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27, 29 Sept, 1 Oct - SOLD OUT
14, 16, 18 Feb 2022
Online - Live sessions via Zoom & Mural
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£750 (+VAT if applicable)
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