Our second podcast is here, this time with ‪the Climate Group‬ focussing on climate action and the role Design Thinking can play in the crisis facing the planet.

Hosted by former ‪BBC journalist ‪Daniel Boettcher‬ and featuring ‪Helen Clarkson‬, CEO of the Climate Group and‪ Goldie Chaudhuri‬, the Learning Designer at the Design Thinkers Academy London, we talk about sustainable diets and the impact of meat diets on the planet, the work of the Climate Group,  COP26, understanding the user and more.


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You can also listen to this podcast via Apple Podcasts.

The Podcast was recorded after our Design Thinkers Bootcamp, with a challenge set by The Climate Group. The challenge focussed on: how might big businesses and governments focus on innovative ways to influence consumers to easily make environmentally responsible and healthier food choices? To find out more about our Design Thinkers Bootcamp and the challenges, follow this link.

The Climate Group challenge